Join us this November as we go deeper. Click on the photo...

Church Is Not Kingdom 

Apostleship is about Gods & Nations.  Click photo to read my blog... 

The Rebirth 

My Lastes Gospel Rap CD. Featuring Ms Shara J, and my season anthem `Make Me Over.` Available on all digital platforms. 

Am I Cursed? 

 We were all born in the battle.  Here's a list of a few curses and how to detect them. Click photo to read my blog. 

Seattle, WA ChainBreakers 

Everything begins with a prophet because prophets are eternities ambassadors. 

Oceanside, CA ChainBreakers 

Everything begins with a prophet because prophecy began in God's world.

Minutes  Of Destiny 

Join me EVERY TUESDAY at 3PM on YOUTUBE for wisdom,  inspiration, clarifications, and biblical methods to recover your destiny.  

Recovering Destiny

Recovering Destiny is a display of The Sovereign's redeeming power in the earth. With supernatural testimonies of healings, increase, deliverances, unique praise and worship, and messages/testimonies on joining God's economy, Crystal Sherie Worldwide creates opportunities for believers to partner with their faith and sowing/giving, into what God is doing with our organization so they can begin to live in the economy of God and experience His provision, breakthroughs, recalibrations, healings, and continuous flow of heaven. 

God's Economy is The Lord's prescribed methods as outlined in holy scriptures on how to live in favor, overflow, increase, secure preordained possessions, and breakthroughs. Money clearly matters to God not as a possession of our souls but as a vehicle to accomplish God's plans for our lives as well as experience personal increase and blessings so that we can be a blessing to the kingdom of God and others. God is looking for 'suppliers' so that He can bless them to be a blessing.

The Sovereign's Financial Prescription is sowing/giving into the grounds of authentic, authorized, predictive organizations such as ours that follow and teach His principles to establish His kingdom in the earth. Establishing His kingdom to us means building people in various ways such as athletic and educational scholarships, homeless and outreach efforts, books, classes, music conferences, music production, learning materials, and establishing programs by partnering with other organizations whose vision may parallel ours to increase effectiveness in goals that support changing the lives of people by adding skills, building relationships, and helping further kingdom 'causes'.  

God has established the laws of seedtime and harvest time. (Genesis 1:11-12, 8:22) This means everything is in seed form and will produce after its own kind. This still applies to us today. Seedtime and harvest time is both a natural and spiritual law that God uses to bring increase to those who follow its principle of sowing/giving(putting seed in the ground) and reaping(receiving heaven's increase for your life) in order to live securely even though the world's economy is constantly changing.

How Recovering Destiny Works - everything we have comes from God even the seed/money that we use to make daily transactions. Seeds both naturally and spiritually that are put in good ground grow to produce a harvest. Remember, seeds  are small beginnings to HUGE futures. (2 Corinthians 9:10)


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